January 5 planets align astrology

Having three of these celestial bodies coming together is extremely rare, and whenever we have rare aspects like this, we always feel the energy much more strongly. However, this alignment is powerful and will be guiding all of us to look at things in a new way. In astrology, Pluto is known as the lord of the underworld, but I like to refer to Pluto as the gateway to higher realms of consciousness. Pluto is death, rebirth and everything in between. I believe Pluto holds the highest form of consciousness and awakening that we can attain on this planet.

The Sun is our life force and represents the material world around us. The Sun is what keeps us all going and when it meets with Pluto, their energies instantly merge to create the potential for higher consciousness and growth. In fact, the meeting of Pluto and the Sun almost sets the tone for the year ahead and guides us as to what lessons or themes we will all be dealing with and where will be asked to grow and evolve.

Venus is the planet of love, abundance and creativity. When Venus mixes with the powerful Sun and Pluto energy, it adds a feminine quality which softens the energy and allows us to view things from a more intuitive perspective. This rare aspect can also be a prediction of the rise of feminine power that is currently in the works.

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In most countries around the world, women are exploited or treated as being lesser than men, but this is shifting and there is a lot of cosmic support to help with this. This alignment is not just about women however. It also touches on how we use power to mistreat not only human beings, but animals and Mother Earth as well.

Rare Astrological Alignment January 17 Through 21 When All Planets Go Direct! | Thought Nova

The trio has moved from east to west, and now they join Mercury and Venus to put on the five-planet show. It may seem like a common occurrence, since the five planets have come together again in the space of just a few months.

PLANETARY ALIGNMENT 2016! Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus, Mercury

But it's only possible because Jupiter and Saturn are currently on the same side of the Sun and therefore near each other, relatively speaking. The five planets have come together twice this year and twice in , but before that there was a decade when it just wasn't possible. The two gas giants were too far apart.

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As Jupiter and Saturn pair up in the sky, it's only a matter of time before the other planets fall into the right configuration to bring them all together. The next time this occurs will be in July , but it will be harder to see compared to this week. The planets will be stretched across the sky rather than all clustered together in the west as they are right now. So it's still special to spot the five planets coming together.

There's great satisfaction in being able to tick off all five planets in a single viewing.

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Not only are the five easy-to-see planets visible in the evening sky, but they are joined by Uranus and Neptune to complete the planetary set. These two ice giants that orbit beyond Saturn are modern-day planets. They were not known in ancient times because their discovery needed the aid of a telescope and an understanding of gravity to know how the Solar System works. But while they may not be seen with the naked eye, Uranus is low in the east at sunset and Neptune is higher up, about midway to Mars.

Practised observers, viewing the sky from a dark country site, have been able to see Uranus with the naked eye by knowing exactly where to look.

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Through binoculars, Uranus appears like a faint star but a good telescope will show its slightly bluish disc. It is best to wait until later in the evening, when Uranus has risen higher, to try to observe it. But now is an ideal time, as the planet is approaching opposition on October 24 , when it will be at its best. Neptune is about the same size as Uranus but much further away, making it harder to see. Even with a modest telescope it appears as a bluish star, while the right observing conditions and a high-quality telescope are needed to reveal Neptune's disc.

Go For It! All Planets Direct – Jan 8- Feb 5, 2017

Lastly, and not to be left out, even the dwarf planet Pluto joins the crowd. It's much too small and distant to be seen but currently sits about midway between Saturn and Mars. Even with a high-quality telescope Pluto only ever appears as a faint star-like object, and it will be a challenge for most myself included to find it in its current position among all the stars near the bright Milky Way. If you are up for the challenge, a free astronomy program such as Stellarium is ideal to help locate the planets. But it's just as rewarding to enjoy the five bright planets, observed since ancient times, briefly coming together in the western sky.

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