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Star gazers from Los Angeles to New York had planned to gather at parks and observatories to keep their eyes on the sky for the total eclipse. Instead, astronomy buffs were urged to witness the event live-streamed online at sites such as AstronomersWithoutBorders. Days earlier, it seemed the biggest threat to the event was cloudy skies but it turned out a wet, wide-ranging snowstorm followed by a deep freeze on Sunday made driving and outdoor activities too hazardous.

Unlike a solar eclipse, which requires eye protection to safely enjoy the view, no extra measures are needed to be taken for hazard-free lunar eclipse watching. The story was similar across Canada, where frigid temperatures kept many stargazers inside.

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What This Lunar Eclipse Looked Like

Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Waiting for his words that will cover her body. They only need a quick glance, to know that yes! This does exist! A forbidden love that can only be allowed to entwine once in a pink full moon. To spare the heartbreak it would cost to others, and knowing that only this way would it ever feel like this any way, to meet more than once in a pink moon would destroy the pureness of this, thing. To remain hidden, known only to the two of them. But this passion makes them to better love the one who awaits at home.

The rock at home that each needs to hang on to because to let their wild hearts go recklessly would break them forever.

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Break the rocks and these star-crossed lovers. Only once when a pink moon comes about, and the universe is forced to unite two hearts again in their strange entangled lives. Thanks for your poem, it was beautiful.

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I've been there and got my heart broken. But I'm still glad I've been there! My mum once said there actually WAS a blue moon it was due to atmospherics or some thing wasn't the drink they didn't drink It s got to have been in the early 50s as theyd been to the pictures when they were courting they married in The Moon is the same color as always white. April's Full Moon is traditionally called the Full Pink Moon because of the seasonal appearance of the moss pink, or wild ground phlox—one of the first spring flowers!

A literal blue moon occurred in , and was due to the massive explosion of the volcano Krakatoa in Indonesia. The volcano spewed so much dust and ash into the atmosphere that the moon appeared to be blue for the next 2 years or so. Other smaller eruptions have created shorter-lasting blue moons such as Mount St. Helens in or Mount Pinatubo in There was also one which occurred in September of , due to several very large wildfires in Alberta. This is likely to be the one Heather Bentley said her mother told her about.

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I myself remember seeing at least one blue moon when I lived in Los Angeles between and , simply due to the level of smog in the atmosphere. The term "blue moon" is also used to describe the 13th full moon which occurs within a single calendar year. This happens once every 2 or 3 years, and is simply the result of the lunar cycle being Normally this produces 12 full moons, 1 per month, but if a full moon occurs within the first few days of the year, there will be a 13th full moon in the last few days of the same year.

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I am sorry, but unless you can change into a werewolf in front of me like they show on TV how they change there, you will not get me to believe that they are real and nether are you, Thank you. Nobody is trying to convince YOU of anything. The almanac is one of the most accurate of resources in the world AND has been around for decades.

Have a little respect.

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I’m Crystal.

As a true fan of this moon, I thought you would be more "egg-cited" for it. My phlox started blooming yesterday! Our patience will achieve more than our force.

Maybe it's me, but the full moons have been huge! Just beautiful.